Witnesses Claim Giants DB DeAndre Baker Never Pulled Gun During Alleged Robbery

Deandre Baker
New York Giants defensive back DeAndre Baker during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. | Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Good news for New York Giants fans doesn't come too often, but things are definitely looking up for defensive back DeAndre Baker, who was arrested and charged for an alleged armed robbery back in May.

According to sources, two witness have now submitted sworn affidavits that Baker never pulled or pointed a gun.

Baker has been adamantly denying the allegations since he was charged, and these two new witnesses will definitely make it harder for a jury to convict him of armed robbery or aggravated assault with a firearm. The witnesses also claimed in their statements that they didn't see Baker take anything from anyone at the party where the incident allegedly took place.

Baker's legal team has said that Baker was at the party but was playing Madden inside during the time when the incident allegedly occurred. They also plan to argue that Baker's car was not positioned for a quick getaway, as police had previously stated. This whole case is a mess, and these new witness statements just muddy the waters even more.

Baker just signed a $10 million contract with the Giants in 2019, so it would be pretty nonsensical for him to try to rob people at gunpoint instead of just putting his millions to use. On top of that, it would be a huge disappointment for the Giants if Baker's legal defense doesn't hold up. The DB posted 109 tackles and started in 15 of 16 games in his rookie season last year.

Baker's lawyer has said that the charges against him will likely be dropped soon, so hopefully he can move past this insanity and focus on prepping for the upcoming season. If he has to go to court, this could become a long-term issue for the Giants.