White Sox All-Star Lucas Giolito Claps Back at Very Lame Fan Over Black Lives Matter Comments

Chicago White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito shut this heckler down
Chicago White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito shut this heckler down

Amid the recent protests following the death of George Floyd, Chicago White Sox ace Lucas Giolito penned a poignant essay about his partnership with Color of Change, which helps end discriminatory practices that make life difficult for African-Americans in this country.

Giolito had no time for one idiot fan calling him a "shrimp" before wheeling out the old "stick to baseball" nonsense, as he invited him to say that same thing to his face rather than hiding behind a keyboard.

In case you're wondering, the profile that tweeted those comments at Giolito has about a thousand more nonsensical, paranoid ramblings on his profile.

Giolito, who went 14-6 with a 3.49 ERA in an All-Star season on the South Side last year, handed this in the appropriate matter. Stating that killing unarmed black men shouldn't be allowed, nor should it be an accepted regular occurrence in 2020 America, should be something 100 percent of fans get behind. The fact some numbskull managed to take a contrarian viewpoint is nothing short of shocking.

No one can claim that Giolito isn't doing his part to promote change and shut down those unwilling to accept said change. Hopefully his efforts to aid the Black Lives Matter movement don't end with his original tweet.