WFAN Radio Host Gets Ripped for Suggesting Yankees Trade Aaron Judge for Max Scherzer

Washington Nationals  v New York Yankees
Washington Nationals v New York Yankees / Al Bello/GettyImages

Chris Carlin, a host on New York's WFAN radio network, should probably brush up on his baseball. After his Monday show went live, the man is is getting completely dragged after he suggested that the Yankees trade superstar Aaron Judge for Max Scherzer.

He suggested that the Yankees make this trade with the Washington Nationals straight up, and that the addition of Scherzer would result in multiple World Series Championships.

Carlin's reasoning behind the trade suggestion isn't entirely unjustified, citing injury concerns for Judge and the unreal play of Scherzer at 34 years old. However, to think that the Yankees or the Nationals would both trade away their top players is unrealistic, especially since such a deal would...I don't know, rid the Yankees of their captain in exchange for a top pitcher?

Since this ice cold take was first made, Carlin has been facing a fair amount of backlash.

It can be confidently said that neither Aaron Judge nor Max Scherzer will be on the move if the Nats keep up their mini-surge towards the postseason picture. He's the face of the franchise, and even this mini two-week winning jag might've eliminated all notions of selling from Mike Rizzo's mind. But if a Scherzer deal were to take place, imagine coming from the Yankees' side and starting conversations with your absolute centerpiece and MVP candidate? Is your head OK, sir?

The Yankees would throw the kitchen sink at the Nats to get Scherzer. They would not trade Judge. These are two different things entirely.

Hopefully, for Chris Carlin, this is the first and last outrageous take that he'll make for the remainder of the MLB season. Or perhaps, if he feeds more to the wolves, he'll make them away from a microphone, quietly, in the privacy of his own home.