Vintage Photos of Old Yankee Stadium Show Amazing Growth During Team's First Dynasty

New York Yankees' old Stadium was amazing.
New York Yankees' old Stadium was amazing.

Between the opening of the original Yankee Stadium in 1923 and the year 1932, the House That Ruth Built held a phenomenal amount of franchise-defining moments between its walls.

'32 marked the team's fourth World Series win, capturing titles behind Ruth, Gehrig, and the rest of Murderers' Row, launching a dynasty in the very first year of the new stadium (much like they also did in 2009). Naturally, as the team became more successful, they also weaved the Bronx's history, turning the borough into a destination. A look at the old stadium over time makes the change quite obvious.

High rises, a packed crowd, and quality baseball -- New York was becoming more urban by the year, as the Yankees owned the baseball world. After all, who wouldn't want to live a home run's throw away from the action?

Clearly, that's the philosophy the owner of the mysterious farm house above subscribed to. Man, how did that thing survive?

Of course, the old stadium persisted and the neighborhood continued its urban sprawl all the way up until an upgrade was deemed necessary (unnecessarily) in 2009. But we'll never forget what came before and spurred the change.

The only thing lacking from the New Yankee Stadium, after all, is it isn't the Old Yankee Stadium.