Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph Has Very Weird Quote About Playing With Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins didn't have the first year in town fans were hoping for. He struggled to build chemistry with plenty of players, including Kyle Rudolph.

Well, the two-time Pro Bowler had a pretty strange quote to explain why it's taken so long for the two to gel:

"Kirk played with smaller guys that are quicker than I am, run routes differently. We didn't really have an offseason together last year, I was coming off ankle surgery, spent most of the spring rehabbing. Now we've had a full season together, a full offseason. And it's just being on the same page.

Kyle Rudolph

Cousins is quickly seeing that Rudolph is a very versatile weapon, able to catch balls that most tight ends simply could not get their hands on. This is a luxury that just wasn't available for Cousins when he was in Washington.

Rudolph recorded 64 receptions for 634 yards and 4 touchdowns in 2018, but has the potential for a whole lot more. It all depends on how much the ball is thrown to him and if he can stay healthy.

This is evident from his 2016 season. That campaign, Rudolph was thrown at a career-high 132 times, allowing him to also achieve career-highs in receptions (83) and receiving yards (840), along with 7 touchdowns.

If Cousins and Rudolph can get on the same page, it could spell disaster for the rest of the NFC North.