VIDEO: Yordan Alvarez Continues to Put MLB on Notice With 7th Home Run in 12 Games

New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros
New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros /

Yordan Alvarez is putting all of MLB on watch. During Sunday's matchup between the Astros and the New York Yankees, Alvarez slammed his 7th home run since joining the Astros, proving that they made the right choice in calling him up.

Alvarez has had just 46 at-bats since joining the 'Stros, which means that he's hit a homer every 6.57 at-bats. It seriously looks like he's playing MLB The Show on beginner difficulty in real life.

This is now Yordan's 30th home run in 307 plate appearances between Triple-A and MLB. If he's able to stay with the club, which there's no reason he wouldn't, he could be a serious Rookie of the Year contender.