VIDEO: Yankees Fan Chucks Beer at Astros Fan in Bathroom During ALCS for No Good Reason

The New York Yankees' playoff losses this season really got to their fans, so much so that they're willing to waste $15 of beer on a rival fan. That's exactly what happened in this video, where a Houston Astros fan was minding his own business in the bathroom when a Yankees fan threw a cup of beer at him.

Everyone knew that Yankees fans were pretty intense, but to waste any amount of beer like that? That's not very New York-like now, is it?

Yankees fans have a long history of acting quite erratically in volatile situations: who can forget when one of them tried to hit then-Boston Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel with a beer can?

Houston Astros' outfielder Josh Reddick already called out Yankees fans on their atrocious behavior after they threw an inordinate amount of trash onto the field during one of the ALCS games. There was that, and then there was the time when fans aimed a pretty NSFW chant at Jose Altuve.

In the end, the Astros got the last laugh, although we'll see if any Washington Nationals fans think about wasting a cup of beer on any Astros fan. Being from DC, they might be a bit more diplomatic.