Yankee fans are some of the most loyal in the MLB, so when the game is in play, people are expected to be focused on the field. One person in the stands for this sparsely-attended 3:00 game had a different idea, however, and it didn't take long for someone to notice.

As the game went on, one spectator, if that's what you would call her, decided to take a break from the watching the game and have a mini-photo shoot in the stands. Yup. She showed just how "big" of a baseball fan she is.

I think the main issue here is the fact that it seems that an inning of the Yankees game was used as a background for this lady's next great social media post. And when you're in Yankee Stadium, the focus should be on the Yankees.

Also, no one was at this makeup game? It wasn't an event? This isn't the game you want to prove you attended if you're trying to gain social media cred.

But hey, I'm all for highlighting life experiences on social media. She may just find a better time for the photo montage. Maybe between innings or in between the double-header would have caused less of an issue.