VIDEO: Will Muschamp Lost it on 'Gutless' Refs at Press Conference After Gamecocks Loss to Florida

South Carolina came up just short of recording a second consecutive top-ten upset on Saturday as they conceded three fourth quarter touchdowns against No.9 Florida to lose 38-27. The talk of the game down the stretch was the woeful officiating what worked significantly against Will Muschamp and the Gamecocks. The most notable of these missed calls was an evident offensive pass interference that ultimately led to a Gators touchdown. Muschamp was rightfully irate on the sidelines during the fourth quarter and that fury extended to his post-game presser, where the 48-year-old HC erupted on the officiating crew.

"The guy ran 40 yards away and dropped the flag," Muschamp told reporters. "I have no idea. I'd rather him drop it on my feet...I'm not going to comment about anything else. Don't go 40 yards away and drop a flag. How about that?"

And to top off the epic rant Muschamp clearly uttered "Gutless," under his breath.

It's pretty clear that Muschamp doesn't at all care for the fine that the NCAA will likely hand his way this upcoming week as calling the refereeing "gutless" is almost always viewed as crossing the line.