VIDEO: Will Muschamp Freaks Out During Halftime Interview Over Uncalled TD Against Alabama

The South Carolina Gamecocks are giving the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide all they handle in Columbia on Saturday, trailing 24-10 at the half. But it shouldn't have been that steep of a deficit to overcome. In the closing seconds of the second quarter, the Gamecocks looked as though they brought the contest to a one-score game with a rushing touchdown. Upon further review, however, the refs determined that the runner's elbow was down before the football crossed the goal line. And, to nobody's surprise, SC boss Will Muschamp was exasperated with the call during his halftime interview and even refused to comment on the controversial settlement.

Kudos to the 48-year-old head coach for keeping his cool here. We don't even want to imagine what kind of profanities were hovering at the tip of his tongue.

It's like he said, the fine would've been reprehensible.