VIDEO: Wild Madden Glitch Has Shaquem Griffin Making One-Handed Catch With Missing Hand

EA tried to focus on the details in Madden 20. They really, truly did. But when it came to Seahawks LB Shaquem Griffin, they seem to have forgotten to include realism. Griffin, a remarkable one-handed athlete, managed to make a pick with his missing hand in a truly wild glitch.

Yup. That ball stuck on Griffin like a magnet, as he pulled it in without a care. If the Seattle Seahawks linebacker can manage to do that in real life, then opposing quarterbacks are in for a rough time.

Wether through glitch or reality, Griffin is looking to improve on his rookie campaign. The 24-year-old was a core member of the special teams unit last year and made 11 total tackles on defense. He appeared in all 16 games but just once as a starter.

Interceptions aren't exactly impossible for Griffin to pull off, considering he managed three of them while at UCF. But his character model in Madden 20 seems ready to push things to the limit.