VIDEO: Watch Tom Wilson and Brendan Lemieux Get in Wild Brawl During Rangers-Capitals

Nothing quite completes a good hockey matchup than a pair of players dropping their gloves and engaging in a bout of fisticuffs. That was exactly the scene at Madison Square Garden on Thursday when the Rangers hosted the Capitals. Caps winger Tom Wilson and Rangers winger Brendan Lemieux got into a brawl after the former checked Lemieux into the wall.

Lemieux obviously didn't take kindly to the collision and tripped up Wilson before immediately shaking off his gloves and landing some body shots. The pair had been chirping at one another all game long, and finally got to resolve their issues in a fist fight, which ended with Wilson on top of Lemieux on the ice.

Both players were given standard five-minute penalties for fighting.

Wilson is notorious for a series of questionable hits, including one on St. Louis Blues forward Oskar Sunqdvist that initially cost him 20 games, though the league later reduced the suspension.

Over his three seasons with the Winnipeg Jets and the Rangers, Lemieux has lived up to his father Claude's reputation as a scrapper.

The Rangers survived the NHL's best team not just by a good tussle, but by the good fortune of Washington hitting the post four times. Still though, despite the Rangers' win, Lemieux didn't get the best of Wilson in their altercation.