VIDEO: Violent Brawl Breaks Out in Bleachers During White Sox-Rangers Game


The Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers aren't playing for much as we get closer to the end of the season, so when they met this past weekend the matchup didn't get a lot of attention. While the action on the field wasn't anything worth writing home about, there was plenty going on in the bleachers. Some disgruntled fans got into an altercation, which led to an absolutely wild brawl in the stands.

I don't know what was said that started this fight, but the dude in the Yoan Moncada jersey got absolutely pulverized by the tank in the ripped up black t-shirt. The guy was tossing him around the bleachers while drilling him with punches.

Shortly after that confrontation, some guy in a light blue shirt came over and got semi-involved, leading to a forearm to the throat by another random guy, who then proceeded to be dragged down to the bleachers with his pants half off.

Even some guy in a Seth Curry Portland Trail Blazers jersey tries to get in on the action, receiving a quick jab from the guy in the Moncada jersey.

Security wasn't quick to arrive on the scene either, which allowed the parties to fight for quite some time before finally being separated.

The White Sox fan base is well aware that they won't be playing in October, so instead of fighting for their team, they opted to fight one another.