VIDEO: Vintage Clips of Tom Seaver Whiffing Frank Robinson and Mickey Mantle Are a Holiday Treat

There have been few pitchers in the history of baseball as dominant as Tom Seaver, who brought overpowering velocity with an arsenal of nasty breaking pitches to match. To usher in the holidays, a beautiful video surfaced of Seaver at his best against fellow legend Frank Robinson, with the home plate angle showing the full complement of pitches perfectly. Watching the video makes you wonder how anyone ever got a hit off of Seaver.

Seaver was an incredible pitcher in the MLB for almost two decades with four teams, but most notably the New York Mets, compiling three NL Cy Young Awards, NL Rookie of the Year, a World Series Title, a no-hitter, and a 2.86 career earned run average. To put that into perspective, only five starters in the majors last year had an ERA under what Seaver averaged over his entire career.

The clip is from the perfect angle and shows everything you can ask for. Seaver shows off three of his dominant pitches, including his fastball, curveball, and slider. All three pitches look about the same coming out of his hand, one of the tell-tale signs of a dominant pitcher. Robinson doesn't seem to stand a chance, swinging and missing at all three pitches.

Robinson wasn't the only Hall of Famer getting roasted by Seaver on Friday morning, as Mickey Mantle wasn't safe from his devastating curveball, either. An interesting part of Seaver's delivery is the powerful leg drive he used, which likely contributed to his massive velo on his fastball. Almost as soon as the first pitch was thrown, Seaver's back knee would be dusty from the downward force of his motion.

And these clips are here to make sure you never forget it.