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VIDEO: Umpire Gets Drilled Directly in Crotch by Pitch During Braves-Rockies


We should all say a quick prayer for home plate umpire Nic Lentz, or just assist in getting him some ice. In the fourth inning of Monday afternoon's ballgame with Freddie Freeman at the dish, a ball was spiked and the catcher wasn't able to haul it in. So where did it go? Right in Lentz's crotch. Take a look:

How is he still doing his job? Most guys would be on the ground writhing in pain. I have no doubt that he threw up in his mouth a little bit after that direct hit.

This isn't the first time a home plate umpire has taken a foul ball or a wild pitch in the tenders, but that wasn't a partial blow. I don't think a cup would've helped him out too much, either. Our thoughts are with you, good sir.