VIDEO: Umpire Auditor Twitter Account Reveals Astros Got a Ton of Help in World Series Game 3

It appears that the Astros had an extra player on the field for Game 3 on Friday night. Umpire Auditor, a Twitter account that analyzes the home plate umpire's performance, took a look at Gary Cederstrom's zone and accuracy. What they found was a bias in which the zone seemed to be favoring the Astros. If you're a Nationals fan, you might want to look away.

Listen, umpires probably get harsher criticism over their body of work than they probably deserve. However, any advantages that a home plate umpire provides will be amplified in the playoffs, especially during the World Series.

When these inconsistencies arise, they change the entire complexion of the game. That just can't happen in such high-pressure situations in which the hitters and pitchers, are depending on every call being correct. Considering the firepower the Astros have, they don't need more help.

Yes, sometimes the constant criticism of MLB umpires is unwarranted and becomes excessive. However, with support for robotic assistance growing in popularity, statistical proof that the umpires have calls favoring one team is not going to squash it any time soon.