VIDEO: Tyreek Hill Somehow Catching up to Damien Williams on 91-Yard TD Rush is Incredible

Tyreek Hill's nickname is "Cheetah," and for good reason. The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver is one of the fastest players in the entire NFL, and he proved it on this 91-yard run by Damien Williams. As Hill realized how the play was progressing, he really turned on the jets and actually blew by his teammate.

If you're blessed with that type of speed, there's no doubt you're going to utilize it however you can, even if it's to make sure that no one touches your running back on his way to the end zone.

Hill reached a peak speed of 22.64 MPH on that run. That's exactly why he's such a deadly wideout, especially when he has Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback.

He even did it today with Matt Moore at quarterback, as they connected for a 40-yard touchdown.

Things are only going to get better for Hill once Mahomes returns to the field, which could be as soon as next week.