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VIDEO: Twitter User Creates National Anthem From Baseball Players' Names in Memorial Day Tribute

While we expected to spend a portion of this Memorial Day honoring our great nation by partaking in its pastime (watching a little day baseball), we didn't anticipate this connection. One Twitter user, @DonZemmer, went the extra mile, building us a Star-Spangled Banner completely made up of old baseball player names, and it's a pretty perfect fit.

No, the tone isn't quite as beautiful as what a trained singer could deliver, but could your average operatic superstar work Brandon Inge and Scott Eyre to mimic the bombs bursting in air? I think not!

There's nothing like the intersection of the great game of baseball and America. After paying your proper respects to our veterans who've helped build this nation and gave away everything in the process, this quirky video might make you smile, too.