VIDEO: Twins' CJ Cron Missed Easy Toss From Jake Odorizzi After Being Tricked by Jonathan Schoop


Minnesota Twins starter Jake Odorizzi bounced back nicely after giving up a long ball to Tommy La Stella and was close to getting out of the third inning after he got Shohei Ohtani to bounce back to the pitcher. But then all hell broke loose after first baseman C.J. Cron wasn't looking at the pitcher to catch the ball. Whoops!

Cron looks like an idiot no matter how you look at it, but the reason he wasn't looking at Odorizzi, who actually caught the ball was, because second baseman Jonathan Schoop was acting like he fielded it, and Cron was looking his way.

Luckily for the Twins, that two-base error didn't lead to any more runs being scored, but you can bet Cron's teammates will be giving him flak for a couple days after looking silly over at first.

There have been a lot of weird plays happening in this Angels-Twins game today.