VIDEO: Troy Aikman Rips Mitchell Trubisky With Comparison to Lions' David Blough

Mitchell Trubisky has failed to live up to any expectations this season, and everyone's letting him know. This even includes commentators like Troy Aikman, who compared him to backup QB David Blough in their Thanksgiving showdown against the Lions.

Aikman roasted Trubisky, citing how he was once compared to his fellow draft class QBs like Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, but is now mentioned among the David Blough's of the world.

And to be fair, Trubisky has been that bad. Through 10 games, he's only thrown 10 touchdowns to six interceptions and has a QBR of 35.9 which is third worst in the league.

At some point however, you have to feel bad for the guy. He's had a truly rough season after looking like he might've been close to unlocking his potential. His regression in 2019 has become a painful joke in Chicago, and it's surely no help when commentators make remarks like this.

Bears fans will likely lose their minds if they see that cursed 2017 quarterback draft class graphic one more time.