VIDEO: Trae Young Admits Constant Luka Doncic Comparisons Bother Him

Atlanta Hawks star guard Trae Young
Atlanta Hawks star guard Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young is quickly emerging as a premier scorer in the NBA, but he can't escape being deemed second class as compared to the mercurial Luka Doncic, who was drafted by Atlanta but traded to the Dallas Mavericks for Young in the 2018 NBA Draft. Young is fed up with hearing about how he compares favorably or unfavorably to Doncic, stating he just wants to play basketball.

Doncic averaging nearly a triple-double with 30.3 points per game on 48% shooting has made the Hawks look like fools in the eyes of some for trading him to Dallas on draft night, but Young is right up there with him.

With 28.7 points per game, including a 36.4 points per game average in his last five, and 8.4 assists per contest, Young, 21, is nearly matching his ludicrous stats from his single season in Oklahoma.

If Doncic is Peyton Manning, Young doesn't have to be Ryan Leaf. He's evolved into one of the best young scorers in the game at the most important position, and I'm sure that Atlanta loves having a 21-year-old point guard that has the green light from literally anywhere on the floor.

One's a 6-7 combo guard on a playoff team, one's a 6-2 point guard on a rebuilding team. Let's stop comparing and just enjoy the show.