VIDEO: Tommy Pham's Postgame Interview After Rays Force ALDS Game 5 is Something Else

The Tampa Bay Rays gutted out a Game 4 win at home against the Houston Astros to force a pivotal Game 5, and Rays outfielder Tommy Pham was one of the main contributors to his team's success, going 3-for-5 with a first-inning home run off Justin Verlander in the Rays' 4-1 victory. However, Pham was a bit more subdued in his postgame interview, especially after a reporter asked who he would like to thank for all his success.

Pham's response to that question was as heartfelt as it gets. He started off by acknowledging that he had a lot of people to thank for helping him make it to this point. However, he rightfully went on to simply say that he was proud of himself.

After all, his coaches didn't step in the batters box for him. They didn't field for him. He's really the one who made everything happen, albeit perhaps with his coaches' guidance.

Then things got a little more intense, as Pham described what it was like growing up without a dad to play catch with, forcing him to throw himself batting practice and play catch with himself.

How's that for a story? Pham's vulnerability and willingness to keep it real is as impressive as it gets, especially after a game like that, when the Rays had their backs up against the wall and clawed back into this intense ALDS series.

Bring on Game 5.