VIDEO: Thread of Packers Players Getting Away With Holds on Khalil Mack is Absolutely Wild

Outside of Aaron Donald, Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack is the most unstoppable force of nature on the defensive side of the ball in the NFL. When the four-time Pro Bowler has a full head of steam running at the quarterback, offensive linemen can't help but accept a holding penalty. After all, conceding 10 yards on a particular drive seems more logical than seeing your QB get tossed around like a rag doll in the backfield. And during Thursday night's clash between the Bears and Packers, Green Bay blockers did exactly that all game long. But there was only one problem (for the refs and Chicago): the holds weren't getting flagged!

So preventing a linebacker from moving forward by holding his arm back isn't a penalty? Got it.

Like Jack Soble claims, no explanation is needed for that one.

Flags have been thrown for A LOT less.

Even a chokehold almost wasn't enough to stop Mack from reaching Aaron Rodgers. Nonetheless, it's still a freaking penalty.

The one ref literally couldn't have been better positioned to flag that one...

It's begging to be said, so we're going to do just that: Mack is living rent free in Bryan Bulaga's head. SHEESH.

We swear we don't have an agenda against Bulaga, but his miscalculations against Mack are begging to be publicized.

That last one makes a grand total of seven -- count 'em, seven -- missed holding calls against the Packers OL, proving once again that stats don't always tell the whole story.