VIDEO: This Pass From Joe Flacco During Chiefs-Broncos Simply Proves He Needs to Retire

It's all hands on deck for the Denver Broncos, who sit last in the AFC West and have neither any sense of direction as a franchise nor a culture of winning right now. What doesn't help is the fact that Joe Flacco is their quarterback. Yes, that Joe Flacco, who should've retired two years ago. This play against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football proves exactly why he needs to hang up his cleats and call it a career.

It really looks like Flacco's lost all of his passer vision. Being 6-6 doesn't matter when you can't hit a receiver in stride or not recognize a wide open runner in the middle of the field. I mean, he overthrew that ball by no less than 10 yards...and out of bounds.

John Elway is completely enamored with tall quarterbacks over 6-3 who apparently can't throw a lick, as evidenced by his failures to develop the likes of Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler and Trevor Siemian into franchise pass-callers.

And now, Flacco must continue to endure what should be his final season as a starter under the scrutiny of Elway, who himself can't recognize a good quarterback when he sees one anymore.