VIDEO: This Montage of Yankees Playoff Failures Since 2010 is Incredibly Satisfying


Since winning the World Series in 2009 against the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees have endured little postseason success. In fact, New York has lost a total of seven postseason series to four teams, including the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros a whopping three times (four if you could the Wild Card Game). So in the spirit of laughing at the Yankees' misfortunes, here's a montage of the their playoff failures since 2010.

With KISS' "New York Groove" blaring in the background, you see the Texas Rangers (who went on to the World Series that year), Detroit Tigers, Astros and Red Sox celebrate their series wins over the Yankees.

If you were looking for anything other than a Yankees player striking out or making weak contact to end a series, or the opposing team hitting a home run, you watched the wrong video.

The men in pinstripes have 27 World Series championships, well more than any other team. They are certainly in a drought their fans aren't use to seeing, but fans of the other 29 teams are loving their recent misfortunes.

There's always next year, right?