VIDEO: There's a New 2-Sided LeBron Portrait in LA That Will Enrage Every Kobe and MJ Fan

LeBron James is a different beast this year. He leads the NBA in assists as of this writing -- at 11.1 per game, he's the only player currently averaging in double digits -- and has gone out of his way to help propel Lakers teammate Anthony Davis to the next level. And perhaps it's that adaptability that caused an unidentified Laker fan to put up an interesting little art piece on an outside wall in Los Angeles.

Three NBA titles, four MVP awards, 15 straight All-Star nods... is that enough for GOAThood? To millions around the world, absolutely.

But this is still sure to drive those notoriously stubborn Kobe Bryant stans and the legions of Michael Jordan disciples totally nuts.

Wait, it's not real? SHOW YOUR WORK, NINJA!

LBJ absolutely has a case for being the greatest basketball player ever if he retires today on the spot, but it's not a cut-and-dried argument. Not yet, anyway. Time to see how long it takes for a Kobe adherent to paper over this sneaky little installation, eh?

Assuming, ya know, that it's "real."