VIDEO: The Patriots Have Officially Brainwashed Antonio Brown and the NFL Should Be Terrified

It doesn't matter who trades for Jalen Ramsey. It doesn't matter if Patrick Mahomes throws 100 touchdowns and zero interceptions. It doesn't matter if Lamar Jackson continues to rush and pass like the second coming of Michael Vick. The New England Patriots have turned Antonio Brown into one of their droids, and now that he's running routes alongside Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman, it's all over. Pats haters better schedule a vacation during the Super Bowl this year because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are going to add another trophy to their case.

Brown spoke to the media for the first time since arriving in Foxborough, and he was as even-keeled, respectful, and well-spoken as we've ever heard him -- a complete far cry from the circus he was the ringleader of this summer and toward the end of last season.

Bill Belichick has penetrated the wall of lunacy that's surrounded AB's brain for the better part of a year, and now the Patriots offense is about to run up the score in every single game from this point on.