VIDEO: Texans LBs Dressing as 'SWAT Team' to Play Patriots is Truly Sad

The Houston Texans aren't exactly making themselves look good ahead of their showdown against the New England Patriots. Their pregame outfits in particular are, well, pretty sad, all things considered. The linebacker corps decided that it would be a wise idea of show up to the game dressed as the SWAT team, and this might be more pathetic than the team's fabled letterman jackets.

There are so many things wrong with this decision that it's almost hard to figure out where to start.

First and foremost, who in their right mind thinks that it's a good idea to get dressed up in these uniforms ahead of a game against the Patriots? They treat opponents who employ antics like this without mercy.

For some reason, it's only lame when the Pats don't do it. Them's the rules.

And what makes these guys think they deserve to call themselves the SWAT team when they're literally playing against one of the best defenses in NFL history on Sunday night?

This was just an ill-advised decision on all levels. It makes no sense and just looks pathetic.