VIDEO: Stephen Strasburg Embarrasses Marlins and Throws Ridiculous 'Immaculate Inning'

With as dominant and as nasty as Washington Nationals starter Max Scherzer can be on any given day, it's easy to forget the Nats have one of the best No. 2 starters in all of baseball in Stephen Strasburg. The three-time All-Star showed off just how unhittable he could be during any given start, slicing through the Miami Marlins order with ease. Strasburg managed to record the rare "immaculate inning", striking out Garrett Cooper, Neil Walker, and Starlin Castro on nine pitches in the fourth inning.

This is the first time in Strasburg's career that he recorded an immaculate inning, but the Nationals themselves haven't had to wait long, as Scherzer threw one just a year and a month ago against the Tampa Bay Rays.

While some might take points away for doing it against the Marlins, Strasburg just pulled off one of the most difficult feats in all of pitching.