VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Thinks Yankees First Baseman Luke Voit is the Jets QB

The New York Jets have gotten minimal production out of the quarterback position since Sam Darnold's unfortunate mononucleosis diagnosis, so it's no surprise that many fans don't know who is under center in East Rutherford. Well, Stephen A. Smith seems to be one of those fans, as he made an egregious gaffe while on air for ESPN's "First Take." When discussing the poor play of Baker Mayfield, Smith compared him to Luke Voit, who he thought was the Jets QB. In reality, Voit is a first baseman for the New York Yankees.

Probably should have read over your notes one more time, Stephen A., because then you'd know that it's Luke Falk who has been the uninspiring quarterback for Gang Green over the past few weeks.

He got the right state, but unfortunately, the wrong sport.

Fortunately for Smith, the Jets cleared Sam Darnold to return in Week 6, so he won't be scrambling to figure out who's under center for the team going forward.

Smith's memory failed him here, although we will admit that Falk has been pretty forgettable as the Jets' signal caller.