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VIDEO: Shane Greene's Interview After Braves Clinched the NL East is Absolute Gold


There was a big party in Atlanta Friday night, as the Braves clinched the NL East title for the second consecutive season. As you can imagine, the clubhouse, which is full of players in their early-20's, was celebrating hard. It wasn't just the Ronald Acuña Jr.'s of the world having a good time. 30-year-old reliever Shane Greene was clearly enjoynig himself, and gave quite the "interview" with Paul Byrd.

Before the question was finished being asked, Greene was bombarded by his teammates and showered with beer, leading the back-end reliever to break off and begin dancing.

Those are the dance moves of someone who is simply happy to be here, considering he was a member of the lowly Detroit Tigers up until the trade deadline. Rather than pitching for the future, Greene is now in a scenario where he's pitching for a ring.

You think Greene is excited about making the playoffs with his new team? The All-Star is set to pitch in the postseason for the first time in his career-- that's got to be an awesome feeling.