VIDEO: Sebastian Telfair's Huge Courtroom Meltdown After Receiving Jail Sentence is Hard to Watch

On Monday, former NBA point guard Sebastian Telfair was sentenced to three and a half years in prison stemming from an illegal firearm possession arrest in 2017. Well, a disturbing video has now emerged of Telfair's sentencing hearing for his second-degree criminal possession conviction at a Brooklyn court. He is shown emotionally pleading with judge John Hecht for mercy so that he can stay free to take care of his family. WARNING: it really is a tough watch.

“Please, don’t take me from society right now,’’ said the Abraham Lincoln High School product. "I am 34. I can go play in China for six years and take care of my family... Sebastian Telfair is going to jail for a victimless crime," he continued to shout through tears.

In truth, the court did engage in some leniency on Telfair's behalf. During a search of his vehicle in 2017, cops found a gas-operated submachine gun, loaded pistols, ammunition, and a ballistic vest. The former NBA journeyman was facing 15 years behind bars, and was ultimately given far fewer.

One has to hate that a father is being taken away from his family and placed behind bars, but the punishment does fit the crime-- despite what Telfair's jarring pleas might suggest.