VIDEO: Ryan Leaf Sounds Exactly Like Will Ferrell During Broadcast of Boise State-BYU

After flaming out in the NFL and going to prison, former Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf has turned his life around, as he is currently an ambassador for a group of sober houses in Los Angeles while reconnecting with football as an analyst for ESPN's college football coverage. Leaf also has a knack for impersonation apparently, as he nailed his Will Ferrell voice to a frankly scary degree during BYU's upset of then No. 14 Boise State in Provo.

Leaf, who starred at Washington State, was picked right after Peyton Manning in the 1998 NFL Draft. Immaturity and poor decision-making led to him throwing 36 picks against just 14 touchdowns before he fell into a litany of legal troubles that ended his playing career.

Leaf has since gotten back on the straight and narrow, teaming with Clay Matvik to form one of ESPN's more solid college football teams.

Not only has Leaf made a complete 180 with his life, but he apparently has a solid backup plan as a voice actor/Ron Burgundy impersonator if broadcasting doesn't work out.