VIDEO: Ryan Clark Puts Paul Finebaum in a Bodybag During Cam Newton Argument on ESPN's Get Up

Kudos to Ryan Clark for finally standing up for Cam Newton amid what has been a sea of undeserved, baseless criticism. Despite lining up behind a college offensive line and clearly playing hurt, the Carolina Panthers quarterback was ripped apart by Paul Finebaum, who claimed that Cam "never cared about anyone but himself" and is bringing the franchise down. Clark was not in the mood for such sacrilege, and contrasted Finebaum's Newton slander with his praise for Eli Manning, who has driven the New York Giants into the toilet over the last few years.

Maybe Finebaum has some sort of personal vendetta against Newton. If so, that would explain a lot.

The biggest problem with Finebaum's analysis is how lazy it is. Yes, Eli might say and do all the right things as opposed to the lightning rod Cam is, but Newton has performed in spite of injuries and questionable coaching decisions, while Eli has regressed among his.

Newton slander is a unique kind of slander, as people who had doubts about his style of play and character coming into the league will jump on any mistake he and the Panthers might make, be it justified or not, to finally say "I told you so."

At least Clark has his wits about him.