VIDEO: Ronald Acuña's Response to Being Benched is Exactly What Braves Fans Want to Hear

After being removed from the Braves' Sunday tilt with the Dodgers, Ronald Acuña was undoubtedly feeling down about manager Brian Snitker's decision. However, the young star proved in his postgame interview that he's a professional ballplayer and understands when he's made a mistake that reflects poorly upon him and his team.

He may be young, but he plays like a veteran and has the self-awareness of one as well.

Snitker chose to take Acuña out of the game after the slugger walked out of the batter's box on a ball he thought was a home run, but when it dropped in the field of play, it resulted in a single due to the lack of hustle. Despite the harsh discipline, Acuña learned from his mistake quickly as he made it clear he respects his manager's decision and will ultimately take accountability for his actions.

Acuña's maturity should be a welcomed sight for any and all Atlanta fans. At such a young age, Acuña could've easily taken this the wrong way and made a negative headline out of it, which we've seen so many times from other professional athletes.