VIDEO: Rockies Had the Worst Walk-off Celebration for Ryan McMahon Ever

When a player hits a walk-off home run, usually they're met with an absurd pile of human bodies right when they step on home plate. The Colorado Rockies seem to have missed the memo on that, though, because they had a horrifically underwhelming celebration for Ryan McMahon after he slugged a walk-off, two-run home run against the Atlanta Braves.

It honestly looks like there were more camera people to there film him than there were teammates ready to celebrate. As for the few players who decided to show up for the would-be mob scene, all they did was miss him with a bucket of Gatorade and give him a few modest high-fives.

Sure, the Rockies might not be playing for much right now, but they still won! The least they could do is muster up a better celebration for the man who delivered them a walk-off victory than this.