VIDEO: Rockies' Charlie Blackmon Explodes on Home Plate Umpire Jerry Meals After Close Strike 3 Call

It turns out Charlie Blackmon had some pent-up frustration from the Rockies' disappointing season, after all. While the typically calm and collected Rockies outfielder is in the midst of another relatively successful season, his team is far from living up to the expectations that came with their 2018 Wild Card berth. On Wednesday night, Blackmon reached a boiling point, flipping out on home plate umpire Jerry Meals due to a controversial third strike call in the final frame.

Look, we don't want to question Blackmon's intent, but that surely wasn't as far outside as he thought. Sure, Meals technically missed the call, but it was mere centimeters from the outside part of the plate, rather than half a foot, which would warrant the reaction of the 33-year-old.

Nonetheless, it was a frustrating night for Blackmon and the Rockies, who fell at the hands of the Red Sox for a series sweep.

Blackmon and Bud Black were ejected, and rightfully so, given their reactions. For once, the ump didn't steal the show.