VIDEO: Rockets Star James Harden Seen Partying on Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is one of remembrance and appreciating those who've given the biggest sacrifice for our great country. So naturally, we all get together and drink to celebrate. And it looks like Houston Rockets star, and possible NBA MVP, James Harden was partaking in the festivities as well.

It looks like he's having a good time, dancing with a red solo cup in his hand and all. The grueling NBA season just ended for Harden and his Rockets, so now's the time to get the partying out, and what better weekend to do so?

We know Harden likes to let loose, but we're sure Rockets fans would rather see videos of him balling out in offseason workouts and pickup games.

He'll probably need to hit the gym after this weekend, so don't be surprised if we see a video of that soon. Harden has to sweat out all that juice somehow.