VIDEO: Robinson Chirinos Going for a Triple in Bottom of the 9th of Astros-Tigers is Beyond Selfish

In baseball, there's a fine line between being aggressive and being flat-out irresponsible. When your team is down one run in the bottom of the ninth inning and you hit a gapper, the basic rules of the game state to just stay on second and not try to stretch it into a triple, even if you think you have a chance at making it. NEVER make the last out at third. Well, Houston Astros catcher Robinson Chirinos personified the former Wednesday night against the Detroit Tigers, and it cost his club the chance at a potential comeback.


We'd still label Chirinos' hustle as ill-advised if it was a bang-bang play at the bag, but folks, the 35-year-old vet was out by five steps! It would also be an entirely different story if he had speed to burn, but the fact that he has just three stolen bases across seven seasons in the majors says everything.

And what makes Pelo Buche's gaffe all the more selfish and suspect is that he was just a triple shy of the cycle.

It really makes you wonder if Chirinos was prioritizing the ever-elusive feat over the success of his squad.

Makes you...wonder...

Unfortunately, if the Astros' media didn't ask about it, it didn't get asked; the Detroit Free Press was barred from asking anyone anything.