VIDEO: Rob Pelinka Responds to Magic Johnson's Criticism in Lakers Press Conference

It's already a rough Monday for Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. He woke up to his former co-worker Magic Johnson trashing him on ESPN, and then he had to respond to those remarks during the press conference welcoming new head coach Frank Vogel to Los Angeles. His response was classic agent/PR speak, as he claimed that working with Magic featured "some of my favorite moments in sports."

With Pelinka calling Magic's allegations "disheartening" and "simply not true" one one these parties is outright lying to us. My money is on Pelinka, who can spin just about anything.

Pour one out for Vogel. He just looked desperate to get back into coaching and took any job that came. The insane dysfunction looks like it's too much for him to handle.

Pelinka is the ringleader of the Lakers' circus that continues to surprise with with new tales every singe day about the ineptitude going on backstage. Something tells me that the Magic-Pelinka rivalry isn't totally dead yet.