VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Appeared on 'Fox and Friends' to Talk About CBD and He Couldn't Speak English


There remains a sense that former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski could come out of retirement and play again. He's in great shape and looks like he could still participate, but at the moment, Gronk is out spreading the word about CBD and why the NFL should make it legal. Well, at least he's trying to. Check out Gronk on "Fox and Friends" as his struggles with the English language continue, post-retirement.

I think the word he was looking for is "devastating." I think.

CBD helped Gronk recover parts of his body and relieve pain, but it won't help players recover from "devastating" head injuries.

Gronk's media trip continued, of course, and he seemingly found his speech again.

Gronk is a big, lovable character, so it's hard to make too much fun of his slip up. I mean, are we shocked this happened to him? I don't think football was the cause of his lack of pronunciation. This could've happened to him 5-to-10 years ago and it wouldn't come as a surprise.