VIDEO: Richard Sherman Says He's Going to Apologize to Baker Mayfield on the Pat McAfee Show

#DapGate might be over folks. All that chatter over Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield being "disrespectful" for not shaking hands with the San Francisco 49ers after the coin toss on Monday Night Football is now mostly meaningless. Richard Sherman, who called out Mayfield regarding the whole ordeal, said "my bad" about the resulting reaction from most fans and the press, especially since Mayfield shook hands with Sherman before the coin toss.

It wasn't the best of handshakes, but Mayfield did acknowledge Sherman and the other 49ers players right before the kickoff. Sherman said he's going to reach out to Mayfield to apologize and then laughed off the fact this whole thing has turned into "DapGate."

But for Sherman, this isn't a big deal considering his team is 4-0. Him issuing an apology isn't going to mean much to Mayfield, who is 2-3 with the Browns and already caught the brunt of this nonsense over the last day and a half.