VIDEO: Refs Completely Ignore Blatant Pass Interference by Patriots on Golden Tate

This kind of crap won't even be allowed in the XFL. So, why is happening in the National Football League? During Thursday night's tilt between the New England Patriots and New York Giants, Golden Tate went up to catch a ball from Daniel Jones, only for it to be knocked away by defensive back Jonathan Jones. However, let's take a closer look at the play...

Give me a goddamn break. Jones is literally draped all over Tate a good two seconds before the ball reaches the two players. What makes this even more nonsensical is the play was reviewed.

Surely after the zebras went to the monitors, they'd reverse the call. Nope. This is New England we're talking about here. Nothing bad ever happens to them. Haven't we all learned this by now?

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Robinson here. What's the point of replay if the refs are going to let plays like this be allowed EVEN after going to the monitors.

This is simply disgraceful. I don't care if the Patriots were up big in the fourth quarter and the game was out of reach. Blow the (expletive) whistle and get the call right. It's not that hard... unless you're facing New England, of course.