VIDEO: Redskins TE Vernon Davis Has Sad Attempt at a Hurdle Against Bears' Prince Amukamara

35-year old tight end Vernon Davis attempted to hurdle Bears DB Prince Amukamara on Monday night, but unfortunately things didn't quite go to plan. It seems as if Davis took off a bit too early, as Amukamara wasn't fazed one bit and simply wrapped up Davis to let his momentum take them out of bounds. Davis was hoping to fake him out but might have gained more yards if he continued to run.

By the time Davis was in the air there were two yards of separation between the two. During Davis' younger days, he could pull off a hurdle, but those days are now far behind him.

This one falls more under the category of embarrassing than impressive, and he was closer to replicating Antonio Brown kicking a punter in the face then he was to actually clearing Amukamara.