VIDEO: Ravens TE and Former Sooner Mark Andrews Trolls Nick Bosa With Flag Plant After TD

The San Francisco 49ers might have drawn first blood, but Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have responded with an emphatic touchdown drive. Jackson rifled the ball to tight end Mark Andrews to level the score at 7-7, and the former Oklahoma Sooner trolled former Ohio State Buckeye and current 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa by "planting the flag," just like Baker Mayfield did when Oklahoma beat OSU in Columbus.

Of course, it's only been a few short weeks since Bosa got "revenge" on Baker Mayfield himself while destroying his Browns, celebrating vociferously and planting a "flag" of his own.

This matchup has lived up to the hype through one quarter, and it appears these two heavyweights will be trading haymakers for the entire game.

And the more college rivalries we can import into this NFL showdown, the better.