The Raptors-Sixers matchup was a hard-fought series that was filled with tension. There were several minor altercations between the two teams along with some showboating from the 76ers. Apparently some Raptors fans are still holding onto those grudges as they savagely trolled Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler after their brutal Game 7 loss.

That's a bit harsh.

Once the series is over, the players show each other respect, the fans should recognize that as well. Embiid and Butler already got crushed by a four-bounce game-winner that brought them to tears, there's no need to keep piling on them.

Yes, Embiid was very over the top with his celebrations in Game 3, but that's all part of the series. When the games are still going on, trash talk is all fair.

It's also unclear if Embiid and Butler even noticed the fans or were able to hear them. I would bet a lot of money that they wouldn't be nearly as bold if they weren't separated by that barrier.

Whatever the case, the 76ers can use this as extra motivation next year.