VIDEO: Quenton Nelson Absolutely Destroyed Melvin Ingram With Vicious Block in Colts-Chargers

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There's only been one week of NFL games, and yet you might not find a bigger hit from an offensive lineman for the rest of the season. We know Indianapolis Colts left guard Quenton Nelson is a beast after his complete dominance of opposing defenders last season. Well, he picked up right where he left off on Sunday against the Chargers when Nelson CRUSHED Melvin Ingram with this ruthless block.

Ingram is one of the better edge rushers in the game, but Nelson pushed him over like a rag doll. I don't know about Ingram, but I'd need a little time to collect my thoughts and drag myself off that field after that.

Wanna see more tape from Sunday where Nelson pancaked other Charger defenders?

My goodness. No wonder he was an All-Pro in his first year in the league. I'm sure there will be more of those accolades moving forward. If not, he might crush the people who make those decisions.