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VIDEO: Phillies' Bryce Harper Owns Giants Fan That Was Heckling Him Right Before Monster Home Run

One particular San Francisco Giants fan was messing with the bull known as Bryce Harper, and did he ever he got the horns. Harper launched two massive home runs in the Philadelphia Phillies' win over the Giants at Oracle Park on Friday night, but had to do so while enduring the dreaded "overrated!" chants from Giants fans. When Harper planted one into the Bay, he made sure that fan who was heckling got his comeuppance.

AND he shushed the crowd running around the bases!

The 2019 season hasn't gone according to plan for Harper, who only hit home runs No. 21 and No. 22 on Friday, but he was still able to turn back the clock to his days as a Washington National with a virtuoso performance in San Francisco.

Harper became the fourth player in Statcast history to hit multiple home runs of 113 MPH or greater in the same game.

Once the jeers and heckles start raining down, Harper performs at his best. This has been long established, so it remains a mystery as to why this Giants fan was poking the bear like this.