VIDEO: Paul George Celebrating Trade to Clippers Proves He Never Wanted to Be With Thunder


Kawhi Leonard shocked the NBA world Saturday morning after choosing to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, but what made it even more crazy was the fact Paul George was being traded from OKC to join him. PG-13 is coming home, and boy is he excited about it.

George appears to have fooled us all, as he was adamant last summer about wanting to staying in Oklahoma City and play with former MVP Russell Westbrook.

Well, that tune has changed a bit, as he's coming home to LA and appears to be excited about playing with Kawhi Leonard. However, George is being classy and won't talk bad about Westbrook, even though he's leaving him high and dry.

So then why did you reportedly approach the Thunder and request a trade?

If he really wanted to stay in OKC, he would still be there. But given the chance to go home and play for a contender, he jumped at the chance, which you can't blame him for.

But we don't need him pretending OKC was his destination of choice for the long haul and that he never wanted to go back to Los Angeles.