VIDEO: Patriots Show off Super Bowl Hardware and Crack up at Lombardi Trophy Dented by Gronk

Even when Rob Gronkowski messes up he generates smiles from those around him, that's just the type of guy he is. Gronk hilariously dented the Patriots' Lombardi Trophy following the team's Super Bowl LIII victory while using it as a baseball bat, and rather than replace the damaged hardware, the Pats decided to keep it the way it was.

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Left his mark.

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While some would expect Patriots' brass to be upset over Gronk's antics, Robert Kraft and even Bill Belichick were seen with smiles on their faces as they cracked up while running their hands over the dent.

Belichick was seen uttering to Gronk, "nice job," as he spots the massive dent on the side of the trophy.

Gronk's actions left quite the mark on the hardware, but clearly the victorious organization didn't seem to care. They're probably still too overjoyed with the title to hold a grudge over the ex-tight end. And it's not like the Patriots don't have enough of those things laying around anyway.